Applications & Libraries

Source Code for the Sofie System

The Sofie TV Automation system consists of the Sofie Server Core which is the core application that serves the web GUI and handles the core logic.


Together with the Server Core there are the Gateways which are separate applications, but which connect to Server Core and are managed from within the core web-UI.

  • MOS Gateway Connects Sofie to a newsroom system and ingests rundowns via the MOS protocol.

  • Spreadsheet Gateway Connects Sofie to a Google-Drive folder and ingests rundowns from spreadsheets.

  • Media Manager Handles media transfer and Media file management for pulling new files and deleting expired files on play-out devices.

  • Playout Gateway Handles the play-out from Sofie. Connects to and controls a multitude of devices, such as vision mixers, graphics, light controllers, audio mixers etc..


There are a number of libraries used in the Sofie ecosystem, some of them are:

There are also a few typings-only libraries that define interfaces between applications:

Other Applications