Contribution Guidelines

The Sofie team happily encourage contributions to the Sofie project, and kindly ask you to observe these guidelines when doing so.

Reporting bugs

If you think you have found a bug in Sofie, we appreciate bug reports as GitHub issues.

As a minimum a bug report should include the following:

  1. Steps to reproduce: a detailed description of what input or interaction caused the problem you are experiencing. This will help us greatly in reproducing the error situation ourselves, so that we can observe and analyze the problem.

  2. Expected behavior or result: Following the steps given, what was it that you expected to happen?

  3. Actual behavior or result: Following the steps given, what was it that actually happened?

Feel free to include additional information if you have it.

Issues should be reported in our main repository:

Contributing code

Minor improvements and bug fixes

If you believe you have a minor improvement or a bug fix that can be added to the project you are welcome to contribute it as a pull request via GitHub.

New features or bigger changes

If you're considering a larger contribution, we would love to have a chat beforehand about it to make sure it fits nicely into our own development. Please contact us directly or open an issue for discussion over at