Configuring Vision Mixers for Sofie

ATEM - Blackmagic Design

The Playout Gateway supports communicating with the entire line up of Blackmagic ATEM vision mixers.

Connecting Sofie

Once your ATEM is properly configured on the network, you can add it as a device to the Sofie Core. To begin, navigate to the Settings page and select the Playout Gateway under Devices. Under the Sub Devices section, you can add a new device with the + button. Edit it the new device with the pencil ( edit ) icon add the host IP and port for your ATEM. Once complete, you should see your ATEM in the Attached Sub Devices section with a Good status indicator.

Additional Information

Sofie does not support connecting to a vision mixer hardware panels. All interacts with the vision mixers must be handled within a Rundown.