Installing a Gateway


The Sofie Core is the primary application for managing the broadcast, but it doesn't play anything out on it's own. A Gateway will establish the connection from Core to other pieces of hardware or remote software. A basic setup may include the Spreadsheet Gateway which will ingest a rundown from Google Sheets then, use the Playout Gateway to send commands to a CasparCG graphics server, an ATEM vision mixer, and / or the Sisyfos audio controller.

Installing a Gateway is a two part process. To begin, you will add the required Blueprints, or mini plug-in programs, to Core so it can manipulate the data from the Gateway. Then you will install the Gateway itself. Each Gateway follows a similar installation pattern but, each one does differ slightly. The links below will help you navigate to the correct Gateway for the piece of hardware / software you are using.

Rundown & Newsroom Gateways

Playout & Media Manager Gateways