Getting Started

Sofie can be installed in many different ways, depending on which platforms, needs, and features you desire. If this is your first time working with Sofie, we recommend you start with the Installation and Setup portion of this guide. It will walk you through all the required steps to get Sofie running on your local machine as well as provide the resources to attach additional hardware (vision mixers, audio mixes, etcetera) if necessary.

Sofie Core Pages

The Rundowns page will display all the active rundowns that the Sofie Core has access to.

Rundown Page

The Status pages displays the current status for the attached devices and gateways.

Status Page – Describes the state of Sofie Core

The Settings pages contains various settings for the studio, show styles, blueprints etc.. If the link to the settings page is not visible in your application, check your Access Levels. More info on specific parts of the Settings page can be found in their corresponding guide sections.

Settings Page – Describes how the Core is configured

Sofie Core Overview

The Sofie Core is the primary application for managing the broadcast but, it doesn't play anything out on it's own. You need to use Gateways to establish the connection from the core to other pieces of hardware or remote software.


Gateways are separate applications that bridge the gap between the Sofie Core and other pieces of hardware or services. At minimum, you will need a Playout Gateway so your timeline can interact with your playout system of choice. To install the Playout Gateway, visit the Installing a Gateway section of this guide and for a more in-depth look, please visit the Under the Hood section – Gateways.


Blueprints can be described as the logic that determines how a studio and show should interact with one another. They interpret the data coming in from the rundowns and transform them into a rich set of playable elements (Segments, Parts, AdLibs, etcetera). The Sofie Core has three main blueprint types, System Blueprints, Studio Blueprints, and Showstyle Blueprints. Installing Sofie does not require you understand what these blueprints do, just that they are required for the Core to work. If you would like to gain a deeper understand of how Blueprints work, please visit the Under The Hood – Blueprints section.

Further Reading